Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Baron Of Techno delves Back In The Box

International DJ and producer Dave Clarke, also known as "The Baron of Techno" (TM) has compiled and mixed the third installment of NRK's popular Back In The Box compilation series. Clarke follows on from Joey Negro and 'Little' Louie Vega's selections, and offers up a blistering selection of early house and acid tunes.

BACK IN THE BOX takes the World’s leading and longest serving DJ legends, and invites them to plunder deep into their collections to those old house records that rocked the party time and time again, records that have since been left dormant on the shelves, waiting for the right moment to be dusted off (and this is that moment!). Dave Clarke transports us back to the late 80s with a heady, sweaty, basement club mix of Chi-town house originals, heavy 909 drum workouts, sleazy vocals, brain scrambling 303 acid patterns and cold, moody synths. Whilst the industry celebrates 20 years of house music, many tracks on this compilation pre-date this with early productions from 1986/1987 coming from the likes of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Fast Eddie Smith, Mr. Lee, Master C&J and a superb early offering from Manchester's t-Coy (AKA Mike Pickering & co.) Underated classics from Foremost Poets, Julian Jonah, Blake Baxter and Pierre's Fantasy Club are mixed up in Clarke's inimitable fashion, and showcases some of his many roots and influences for the music that he has become world renowned for.

Dave Clarke has long been synonomous with the UK's techno scene, having set the foundations for modern techno music with his "Red" series in the early 90s, and with continued success with productions on labels such as Deconstruction and Skint. His electro inspried DJ sets have rocked many thousands across the globe, racking up an amazing gig-ography over the years and playing huge festivals and events. Dave Clarke also built up a great kinship with the late Uk radio legend, John Peel; the man who gave Clarke his well known moniker "The Baron Of Techno".

Dave Clarke's Back In The Box is released on October 6th 2008 on double CD (incl. bonus unmixed CD), digital album release and 12" vinyl samplers. Full tracklisting to be revealed shortly, check out some of the choice cuts included now though on the links below.

A Blackman, a Blackman and Another Blackman - I Believe

Foremost Poets - Reasons to be Dismal
Julian Jonah - Jealousy and Lies
Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes You
Ralphi Rosario - I Want You (Transcontinental Mix)

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