Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dave Clarke - Back In The Box details....

Electronic music heavyweights NRK are back with a new edition in their retrospective “Back in the Box” series and this time have drafted in none other than techno legend, Dave Clarke. Having already seen instalments from MAW’s ‘Little’ Louie Vega and disco-don Joey Negro, “Back in the Box” is an opportunity for a DJ to turn rare secret weapons, b-side bombs and forgotten anthems into a brand new mix compilation.

Clarke’s selection for his “Back in The Box” is built around the sound of late 80’s Chicago house with a sprinkling of Detroit techno and a few classics from the UK’s emerging house scene. It displays an in-depth knowledge of the labels and producers whose pioneering work would go on to lay the pathway for dance music and club culture as we now know it.

The mix flows effortlessly through seminal tracks from the likes of Fast Eddie, Virgo and Foremost Poets, taking in the spaced out techno preachings of Blake Baxter, the acidic sounds of Bam Bam and the jackin’ soul of Ralphi Rosario along the way. To pick highlights from this album is an almost impossible task as it truly is stream of audio gems, many of which have never been included on a compilation before and will only be familiar to those who are used to blowing the dust from their shrink wrapped original Trax pressings.

Morales’ remix of Alternations ‘Feel it For You’ is a cut that has long been overdue for a return to the light as is Ben Mays ‘Lover Man’ and Julian Jonah’s ‘Jealousy and Lies’. Put these little known works of genius together with landmark records such as Pierre’s ‘Mystery Girl’ and T-Coy ‘Regret’, a track that helped launch the fortunes of the Deconstruction label, and you have a compilation that transcends the usual ‘Now that’s what I call Old Skool’ formula moves into the realms of classic status in it’s own right.

Whilst the UK is busy celebrating it’s ’20 years of Acid House’ Dave Clarke has drawn together the threads of dance music history and woven together a mix that truly shows how far back we have look to see where our roots lie. A snapshot of a bygone time that is truly timeless.

01. A Blackman, a Blackman and Another Blackman - I Believe
02. Fast Eddie Smith - Jack The House (Jack Mix)
03. Foremost Poets - Reasons to be Dismal
04. Scram - I Believe (Before The Storm Mix)
05. Virgo - In A Vision (inst.)
06. Bam Bam - Animal Attraction (Dynamic Guvnors Remix)
07. Da Posse - The Groove
08. M.E. - Ride
09. The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give Yourself To Me
10. Mr Lee - I Can't Forget
11. Julian Jonah - Jealousy and Lies
12. Jungle Wonz - The Jungle
13. Blake Baxter - When A Thought Becomes You
14. Alternations - Feel It For You (Planetary Access Mix)
15. Master C & J - Face It (Club Version)
16. Ben Mays - Lover Man
17. Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (Set Me Free) (Original)
18. T-Coy - Regret
19. Ralphi Rosario - I Want You (Transcontinental Mix)
20. Gil Scott-Heron - Space Shuttle (Paul Waller Mix)

Dave Clarke's Back In The Box is released on 6th October. the mix CD is accompanied by an unmixed CD; your chance to get some ultra rare house jams without the price tag!

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