Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Lab 01 - Loco Dice - full details here

Loco Dice will unveil the first "experimentation" in NRK's new series, "The Lab", later this month. A stunning double mix from one of the world's brightest stars on the house and techno music scene, this album has been rapturously received by the dance media already (look out for Dice on the front cover of iDJ Magazine this month!)

So, some words from the man himself...

"When NRK first appeared with the idea of THE LAB, I felt sincerely honored. At the same time it was pretty clear that it's a challenge which demands lots of fine feeling and care.

I have sincere respect for NRK. The label has been my regular companion. It has had a unique impact on me since the beginning of my career, it probably even had some fundamental influence on my style. I can't remember how many NRK tracks I've put on turntables in my sets!

This shared history and my personal connection to the sound of the label made me want to achieve a perfect result. And from the beginning I was aware of the direction: I didn't want a classic or best-of compilation and I also thought that a club or strictly dance floor orientated mix wouldn't be the best solution. Rather, I wanted to record a session inspired by the NRK Music label, and mix my personal classics with new and unreleased new tracks, a mix that transports modern sound and the philosophy of NRK Music - at least from my point of view. Deep, groovy, chunky and hypnotic - at home, in a car (...).

I don't know how many days or weeks I've spent at home in front of my record shelves. Slowly, it began to feel like I was in a laboratory. With THE LAB in mind, I experimented with different tracks and sounds for as long as I felt that I had finally found adequate tracks that represent both myself and my style, as well as the spirit of NRK.

The result: one music-collage of 27 tracks on 2 CDs, recorded in my living room in one take where I used possibilities of modern technology with Traktor, which expanded my classic set up consisting of two turntables, a mixer and a bottle of wine.

The first CD contains darker club tracks, while I wanted to keep the second CD deeper and housier, trying to capture all facets of NRK Music. All in all, THE LAB is a very private project that means a lot to me. I hope I was able to make a point with my music.
Enjoy listening.

Here's the full tracklisting for the mix, with audio clips. The project will also be available as an unmixed DJ friendly double CD, as well as a full digital album bundle. "Loco Dice - The Lab 01" gets a full release on April 6th.

CD01 (mixed by Loco Dice)
01. Akiko Kiyama - Hakobi (0801)
02. Second-Hand Satellites - Orbit 1.3
03. Chaton - +91 Ahead Session 1.5
04. Chris Lattner - African Children
05. Robert Dietz - Klondike
06. ├ľnur Ozer - Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)
07. Kerri Chandler - Pong (Ben Klock's Bones & Strings Dub)
08. MHM 1 - Bubububadub
09. Ion Ludwig - Transnoir
10. Damian Schwartz & Guti - Salon
11. Terrence Dixon - Below Radar (Rhythm Is Rhythm Remix By Mathias Kaden)
12. Someone Else - You Don't Got Me
13. Alex Flatner feat. Lopazz - Perfect Circles (Damian Schwartz Remix)
14. Mirko Loko – Serena

CD02 (mixed by Loco Dice)
01. Nick Holder - Inside Your Soul (Sirus Remix)
02. Jay Haze - Mama Coca
03. Terry Lee Brown Jr In A Deep Session With The Timewriter - Everyday
04. Loco Dice - Black Truffles In The Snow - (Mike Huckaby's The Jazzed Out S Y N T H Remix)
05. DJ Ali - You Don't Know (Ruff Cut)
06. Alix Alvarez - Boom Bip
07. Joseph Malik - Believe And See (Plastic Avengers Remix)
08. Franck Roger - Take Off (Matt That's House Bonus Beat)
09. 95 North - Forever Underground (Bass Dub)
10. Audio Soul Project - Song For Fred
11. Sascha Dive - Deepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix)
12. Daso & Pawas - Det
13. Tyree Cooper - Love

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