Monday, 27 September 2010

Nick Harris returns with "The Everlasting" EP

NRK main man Nick Harris has made quite an impression this year with just a handful of 12” releases on his legendary NRK imprint and his new outing ‘The Everlasting EP’ continues his run of form.

A DJ and A&R for longer than 15 years, it’s fair to say that the face of UK house music would be very different without Nick Harris. His stewardship of NRK and it’s now-defunct DJ agency introduced us to some of the finest house music and DJs the world has known, from DJ Sneak and Angel Moraes through to his current roster of young, impeccable talent. As one would expect with such a reputation, the jump to production was a cautious one but one that has resulted in fantastic support from DJs, press and crowds alike.

‘Rituals’ is the first of three cuts from the Bristol-based man and it’s a lazy, developing groove with some rich resonant bass and a warm, washed out topline which is drawn together with a classic sounding vocal sample. Cleverly put together and incredibly well balanced, this is a great late-night piece of house.

‘Sueno’ follows with a heavy, detailed drum track punctuated with light, breezy chords and a looping vocal excerpt. The upbeat vibe continues throughout which is a great counterpoint to the powerful drum/bass combination and with a brilliantly fluid arrangement, makes for a great piece of sun-soaked house.

The melodic old school vibes of ‘The Everlasting’ closes proceedings, and so memorably. With a massive Juno-esque bassline, classic keys and an 808 drum track it’s clearly a track influenced by times gone by but with modern production and Harris’ deft touch, is a suiting tribute drenched in real feeling. Another great outing for an imprint with a revered catalogue.

'The Everlasting' EP is released on vinyl on 11th October, and on Beatport from 25th October, with all other digital sites to release on 8th November.

Nick Harris - The Everlasting EP (NRK165 - clips) by nicknrk

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