Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Global Communication - Back Together for Back In The Box

NRK Music's much revered retrospective compilation series, Back In The Box, returns this Spring with a double mix compiled and sequenced by one of electronic music's most enduring pairs. Not just Back In The Box, but back together, Global Communication, AKA Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, reunite following a 15 year hiatus to lay down a collection of genre and era defining Techno and Electronica.

Following on from previous Back In The Box entrants (Dave Clarke, Joey Negro, DJ Sneak and Louie Vega), Global Communication dig deep into their record collections to revive forgotten gems, lost classics and personal favourites. A true connoisseurs compendium of records that helped shape the Global Communication sound. A veritable mix of delights is assured, spanning the downtempo atmospheric sounds to the cutting edge Detroit techno of the day. Concentrating on the early to mid 90s period of electronic music, expect to see and hear some familiar names from that golden era.

Global Communication's debut LP "76:14" ("Best Ambient Album Of The Decade" - The Guardian) has been one of the most acclaimed albums in the ambient/electronic genre since its release in 1994. A career that started in the South West of England, via some early liaisons with Aphex Twin, Middleton and Pritchard set up the Evolution/Universal Language imprints and have also recorded as Reload, Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients, The Chameleon and Link & E621. They released the first sonic experiments with a certain Matthew Herbert along with a string of key releases from Gerd, The Horn and Danny Breaks.

More recently, Middleton has found great success on the DJ circuit as well as a "go to" remixer, along with his notable electronica meets classical performances and Lifetracks album for Big Chill. Meanwhile Pritchard has been busy with his Harmonic 313 and Africa Hitech projects for Warp and as a DJ has focused on playing the best of UK Bass music and it's roots. Cited as many as the creme de la creme of UK electronica, all these years later their groundbreaking sound and productions are currently being polished off by a legion of new fans, and the Back In The Box compilation will help fuel great interest in the music from that era and ensure it's influence resonates still in today's electronic music scene. Whether it's their collaborations, solo productions or selecting, you can hear it's still all about pure emotions in sound.

Global Communication - Back in The Box will be released on NRK Music in the Spring 2011.

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