Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The medicinal house sounds of Nick Harris' latest EP

NRK's headhoncho returns to his own label after releases on Akbal, Fresh Meat and Climatic Sound with a typically varied EP that crams various moods and tempos into the mix. "Hazy Shade Of Something" EP features three brand new tracks and a remix from Juju & Jordash.

"Fourteen Miles" is a Kerri/Strictly Rhythm inspired cut that keeps on building with jazzy licks and stabbed strings for a terrace time track. The stripped back, quirky medicinal funk of 'Medication Time' calls upon Golf Channel/Philpot duo Juju & Jordash for a seriously challenging freestyle techno workout, complete with wild panning and cinematic FX, a remix not for the feint hearted! Completing the EP is 'Amnesiac Nights', moody & spooky tech house flavours.

"Hazy Shade Of Something" EP is out on digital download from June 27th

Nick Harris - Medication Time (incl. Juju Jordash Remix) by nicknrk

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