Monday, 6 October 2008

Diggin The Vaults: Brigade Honchos - Mixed by Mazi

Honchos Music, NRK's sub label that ran from 2000-2006, released just shy of 50 releases, including underground goodies from the likes of Ian Pooley & Magik J, DJ Dan, D'Julz, AJ Scent, Noel Nanton, Jamie Anderson and George T. Presenting a more trackier and tribal sound to NRK's polished deep house sound, Honchos Music was a firm favourite with a lot of tech-house and tribal DJs of the day.

Honchos one and only label comp, "Brigade Honchos" was released in 2003, and compiled and mixed by Mazi, AKA Audio Soul Project. A veritable romp through the label's catalogue up til '03, CD01 started the ride on a deeper and diskofied tip, taking in tracks from Tony Thomas, Dirty Gringo, Ian Pooley and Mood II Swing. CD02 went darker and more percussive, with remixes from Peace Division, Dano, Piliavin & Zimbardo and more cranking up the tempos.

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