Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Back to basics with Kris Wadsworth

Kris Wadsworth, an artist who has had an incredible year to date, with releases and remixes on labels like Poker Flat, Hypercolour, Dark Energy and Fresh Meat, showcases two fresh new tracks on NRK Music next month.

Renowned for his "back to basics" approach of house, prefering the raw and gritty sounds of yesteryear to the somewhat sleeker production sounds of the current crop, Detroit based Wadsworth drops two tracks in his own inimitable style.

The new EP comprises two tracks, "Direct" and "Full Body", both treading similar paths of stripped back, raw house tracks. Bleepy yet with plenty of deepness, it's refreshing to see a producer out there not following suit, but producing an individual sound. Certainly these tracks are intended for those who like their house deeper than the black hole!

Kris Wadsworth "Direct"/"Full Body" gets a release on 2nd November with remixes.

Full Body
Kris Wadsworth Myspace

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