Monday, 8 February 2010

Faith Fanzine's Top 15 Records Of The Noughties

Our friends over at Faith Fanzine ( ran a poll late last year amongst its readers to try and put the years 2000-2009 into some sort of musical context, and select the top house records of the "noughties". So many great tunes over ten years, but of course there are those that have/will stand the test of time, and these are the cuts that filtered through to the Top 15 Records Of The Noughties.

And we are pleased as punch to see two NRK signings (Kerri Chandler's "Bar A Thym" and Quentin Harris "Let's Be Young") right up there in the Top 5!

Thanks to Miles and his excellent blog "Beyond The Stars", you can check out the Top 15 here.

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