Friday, 5 February 2010

Nick Harris - In The Shadows Of Simian EP - out Monday

NRK Music's headhoncho, Nick Harris, delivers the latest release for NRK on Monday, and Nick's debut for his own label. Three tracks then from Nick, each with a differing vibe and pace to them....

"In The Shadows Of Simian" is a chugging, loopy, tribal affair, with a chant based riff that powers this track nicely. "Shangri La" is a sparse, melancholic deep houser. A throbbing sub bass and heavy kick provide the bed for a slightly abstract percussive cut, lots of atmospherics, and a nagging bass riff.... The third track on this release, "Pony Trekkin" is perhaps the most straight up house cut on the release. Crisp drums, some subtle vocal touches, and one big fat groove on!

Nick Harris set up NRK back in 1993 as an artist management/promtions company, and the NRK label followed in 1996. The label's discography now reads like a who's who of house and electronic dance, so many artists have passed through his doors over the last 14 years. Nick has recently been remixing for a rejuvinated NRK label (Scope, David Durango, Kris Wadsworth) and has been busy recoding original material, much of which will see the light of day in 2010.

Check some reactions from selected Djs;

Paul Woolford (Intimacy) - Great to see & hear Nick flourishing! Great tracks, with 'Shangri La' being the favourite.
Stacey Pullen (Transmat) – “Shangri La” is the one i'm feeling. Good job
Terry Francis (Fabric) - like “Shangri La” . Cool
Florian Kruse (Kruse & Nuernberg) - Proper Deephouse!!! “Shangri La” is my fav here! Another great release on NRK!
Osunlade (Yoruba) - Lovin “In The Shadows..Nice percussion groove!
Lars (Funk D’Void) – “Shangri La” is great
Sasse (Mood Music) - “Shangri La” is a burner, wicked ! Full support !
Tedd Patterson (Vibal) - Love it!. Nick brought the drums back on “Shadows”. That’s the cut for me.
D’Julz (Soma/Ovum) - “Shangri La” is superb
Claudio Coccoluto (Italy) - Fine Tribal, full support
Ed Daveport (Liebe*Detail) - Yeah! Super funky workable grooves from Nick.
Alex Niggemann (2020 Vision/8-bit) – “In the Shadows of Simian” & “Shangri La” are really nice...
Jim Rivers (Global Underground) - Really tasty this...all good, “Simian” is nice and I like the low slung funk of “Pony Trekkin”
Matthew Styles-Harris (Crosstown Rebels) - Nice tracks from Nick, shadows will get the play i think :)
Chris Lattner (Moon Harbour) – “Pony Trekkin” and “Shangri La” are the tracks for me on this EP.
Eli (Wolf & Lamb) - Cool release. “Shangri La” is our fave and pony trekkin is cool too.
Enzo (Circo Loco) - Nice EP, liking In the Shadows of Simian
Mazi (Audio Soul Project) – “Pony Trekkin” will twist some brains in an afterhours
Alex Flatner (Circle Music) – “In The Shadows Of Simian” is amazing...Full support
Patrice Baumal (Get Physical) – “Shangri La” is my favourite here, hypnotic grower.

Purchase from Beatport from 8th Feb
Nick Harris on Myspace

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