Thursday, 9 December 2010

Kris Wadsworth new EP with remixes from Tevo Howard and Nick Harris

Kris Wadsworth makes a welcome return to the house music scene after a few months off. And he returns to NRK Music after 2009's stellar "Direct"/"Full Body" EP that came out with David Alvarado and Nick Harris remixes.

So, back at the helm for Wadsworth, and his latest release, we are glad to say, includes all those ingredients that make up his inimitable sound. Raw, swinging, edgy tech house, made with minimum of fuss but maximum groove. Two new tracks then from Kris, "You Called" and "Crushed", and ably assisting on remix duties is the ultra hot Chicago producer Tevo Howard, and NRK's Nick Harris.

"You Called" is a melodic builder, perfect warm up or late night tackle, with it's nagging bass hits, solid drum programming and floating chimes and keys. Nick Harris follows up recent remix work for Nite Grooves and Moodmusic with a solid remix that retains the original's melodic touches.

"Crushed" is a darker slice of house, with a murky and reverberating production, with it's tough and stripped back drums, enveloping pads and pitch bending keys, Wadsworth creates some great warehouse vibes here.

"Escape From 48201" EP is out now on 12" vinyl and digital download

Purchase "Escape From 48201" EP from Beatport

Purchase "Escape From 48201" EP on vinyl from Juno

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