Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More Red Lights for Ed Davenport

Ed Davenport follows up his "Curtain Call" EP for NRK Music with a new 3 track EP titled "More Red Lights".

The title track comes in two mixes; the Main Version of "More Red Lights" is a modern fusion of new and old, with its melodious piano hook teasing away over heavyweight broken beats and crashing 909 cymbals. A pitching vocal line might point to some classic UK rave influences, but "More Red Lights" sounds as fresh a piece of techno-house as you will hear all year. The Dub Version is a more subtle affair, opening up the echo chambers on the snares and rims, and using a bouncing pad to drive the track through.

"Basium" keeps the continuity with a decidedly old school UK flavour. A dubby drum workout builds and builds with further female vox snippets and haunting ambience, never once letting up as the energy rises in a well thought out and precision production.

Out on 12" vinyl and digital download from 4th April 2011

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