Thursday, 31 March 2011

Global Communication announce details for Back In The Box

NRK Music's much revered retrospective compilation series, Back In The Box, returns in May with a double mix compiled and sequenced by one of electronic music's most enduring pairs. Not just Back In The Box, but back together, Global Communication, AKA Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, reunite following a 15 year hiatus to lay down a collection of genre and era defining Techno and Electronica.

Following on from previous Back In The Box entrants (Dave Clarke, Joey Negro, DJ Sneak and Louie Vega), Global Communication dig deep into their record collections to revive forgotten gems, lost classics and personal favourites. A true connoisseurs compendium of records that helped shape the Global Communication sound. Concentrating on the early to mid 90s period of electronic music, their Back In The Box mix spans the downtempo atmospheric sounds to the cutting edge Detroit techno of the day.

A closer inspection of the mix reveals a journey of two halves, where the wildly experimental sounds and sparse, industrial techno dance beats meet the more reflective and intricate delicacies of the ambience and light breakbeats of electronica. Disc One focuses on the more dancefloor orientated sounds, opening up with a headstrong fusion of some of Detroit's finest music, courtesy of Jay Denham (Fade II Black), Derrick May (here with Steve Hillage's System 7), Kevin "Reese" Saunderson, Carl Craig's BFC project and Anthony "Shake" Shakir, interrupted for a moment by Detroit's possibly first, and only, adopted techno son (just popping over the boarder from Canada), Richie Hawtin, here with a F.U.S.E. classic. The mix picks up a pace with the hardcore assault of Lory D, Neuropolitique and DHS before heading for cruising altitude, with a clever re-pitch of Speedy J's classic "De-Orbit" and then heading into more melodious waters with gems from Flux, Balil, Florence, States Of Mind (Hawtin again) and touching down with some blissful techno from Robert Leiner.

Disc Two delves deeper into the electronic underworld, and whilst the BPMs drop, the intensity of the music never let's up. Detroit once again is represented heavily, but showing another side to it's often heavily guarded face. Rare cuts from Yennek (AKA Kenny Larkin, here remixed by Carl Craig's Inner Zone), Octave One (Never On Sunday), Reel by Real (yep, the one sampled by one LTJ Bukem for a d'n'b classic) and that man Carl Craig (Psyche & Urban Tribe here, Global Comm hugely indebted to this man) display more intricate possibilities to the sound, whilst a track from the 'Godfather Of Techno', Juan Atkins, ensures that the Bellevue Three are all here, present and correct (that'll be Atkins, Saunderson and May). The UK cannot be underestimated in this genre either, and fine cuts from our own 'Godfathers' (808 State) are sequenced with UK's As One (Kirk Degiorgio), Balil, Stasis, and the one who broke on through on his own terms, the uncompromising Aphex Twin. Ending the mix with the beautiful ambience of The Irresistible Force (remixing Sven Vath's Barbarella) and Global Communication's Incidental Harmony, the Back In The Box journey is one that transcends continents, tempos and quite possible brain cells as well

Back In The Box is released on a mixed 2CD, DJ friendly unmixed 2CD, 12" vinyl samplers, and digital album. Legendary scribe, Kris Needs, supplies the linear notes on the CD packaging. Release date: 30th May 2011.

Global Communication - Back In The Box (Mixed)
1) Fade II Black : The Calling (Reprise)
2) System 7 & Derrick May : Altitude
3) Reese : Just Want Another Chance
4) BFC : Galaxy
5) F.U.S.E. : Technotropic
6) Shake : Sonar 123
7) Lory D : Sickness (Sounds Never Seen)
8) Neuropolitique : Mind You Don't Trip
9) DHS : Number 9 Bad Acid
10) Speedy J : De-Orbit (TM Outer Limits Salute Repitch)
11) Balil : Nort Route
12) Florence : A Touch Of Heaven
13) Flux : True Feelings
14) Reload & E621 : Ptyzh
15) States Of Mind : Audio Q5A
16) Robert Leiner : Aqua Viva

1) Link - Intro (The Labels)
2) Ismistik - Flow Charts
3) Yennek - Serena X (Carl Craig Inner Zone Remix)
4) Psyche - Elements
5) Never On Sunday - The Journey
6) As One - Amalia
7) Aphex Twin - Tha
8) Stasis - Point Of No Return
9) Balil - Whirling Of The Spirits
10) 808 State - Sunrise
11) Urban Tribe - Covert Action
12) Link - Places of Origin
13) Model 500 - Infoworld
14) Reel by Real - Surkit
15) Ross 154 - Mayflower
16) Global Communication - Incidental Harmony
17) Barbarella - Barbarella (The Irresistible Force Remix)


Anonymous said...

Hi yall!

How can I get this? And when?

I can t find no pre order on the web :(

Excellent job btw!

Nicky Ramone said...

Will be available on the NRK webshop towards the end of May ;-)

pac said...

tracklist is great

Anonymous said...


Is the GC Back In The Box Out???

Can't find it on the nrk webshop.