Monday, 19 September 2011

New single and album from Ed Davenport

NRK look towards the release of ʻCounterchangeʼ, the debut album from the excellent Ed Davenport and sets the scene with ʻNew Yorkshireʼ, the superb lead single backed with remixes from Fred P and Nick Harris...

Over the past 5 years Ed Davenport has become a name synonymous with quality electronic music. From his recordings for labels such as Poker Flat, Liebe* Detail and NRK to his impressive DJ sets at clubs such as Berghain, Davenportʼs has proved himself an invaluable asset to the scene.

Now the UK born, Berlin based producer is readying himself for the release of his debut long player, ʻCounterchangeʼ, due on NRK in early 2012. As part of the build up, the label is releasing the first single taken from the album, the excellent ʻNew Yorkshireʼ. The artist himself describes the record as being dedicated “to the pioneering sounds of the North, fused with the heavy house beats filtering across the Atlantic from the East Coast” and the choice of New York producer Fred P to perform remix duties, alongside Nick Harris completes this concept.

The release offers 4 great versions of ʻNew Yorkshireʼ including the original club and club dub, these 2 mixes have a typical Davenport mix of heavy analog beats and warm, synth elements, finished off with the distinctive room-filling sound explored in his previous 'More Red Lights' EP.

New Yorkʼs Fred P, a producer whose name is on everyoneʼs lips right now, provides the first of the 2 remixes. For his version of ʻNew Yorkshireʼ he strips things back and delivers a deliciously deep slice of house with a brooding and intense atmosphere, showing exactly why the Soul People man is in such demand right now.

Following in his footsteps, NRK label boss Nick Harris steps up and turns in a brilliant Chicago inspired techno/house fusion mix that is certain to be a highlight for many Djs.

Nestled in the middle of the package is additional track ʻTestamentʼ, a beautifully deep and emotive nine and a half minute recordings that draws on a laid back drum track and bassline and rich pads and piano lines to create a sunrise masterpiece.

This is the first single from Ed Davenportʼs early 2012 debut album ʻCounterchangeʼ and if itʼs anything to go by we may be looking at one of the most exciting electronic albums of the year to come.

Ed Davenport - New Yorkshire EP (NRK170) by nicknrk

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